Josyane Torres

Originally from Goiás, Brazil, I’ve spent the past 19 years in Connecticut, USA, balancing life as a mother to two beautiful daughters and a dedicated healthcare professional with 15 years of experience. My journey in the healthcare field has been both fulfilling and rewarding.

My career began in a Nursing Home for five years before moving to Danbury Hospital where I served for nine years. I’m currently at a Private Surgery Center, continuing my work in the operating room. Also, I have experiences in cardiology and postoperative care.

The foundation of my profession lies in caring for my patients, building trusting relationships with them to provide the care they deserve. As a healthcare professional, the satisfaction I get from helping my patients achieve their health goals and improving their quality of life is immeasurable.

Ever since I was young, I was drawn to helping others, and nursing has allowed me to fulfill that aspiration. I am dedicated to delivering the best possible care to my patients, aiming to ensure their satisfaction and good health.

The bond I develop with my patients is truly fulfilling. There’s a profound joy in helping others attain their goals, whether in health promotion or nursing education.